The Brooksmade Gourmet Foods starts a long way from the sauces, condiments and rubs
you see today. Founder Walter Brooks experienced food insecurity firsthand as a child.
His entrepreneurial drive was strong, leading him to find success in the hospitality and
automotive industries. A life-changing medical event turned him to what would become
his true passion in life: cooking.

From the unexpected chocolate barbecue sauce that first brought him local fame to his
barbecue restaurant and catering company that attracted a diverse fanbase, Walter has
always been committed to delivering food that tasted good no matter the request or
occasion. His regulars pushed him to experiment with new flavors within his traditional
techniques yielding a line of sauces and rubs, Brooksmade Gourmet Foods, that brings
to life his vision of delicious, unexpected, soulful food to every American kitchen, with the
promise to nurture the next generation of Black entrepreneurs through mentorship.

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